From Greek décor to Egyptian trends, interior design is influenced by many countries’ stunning architecture and style. Luxurious and stylish, French interior design has inspired many design trends based on elegance and sophistication.

Transforming your interior to match the stunning French décor is easy; from the smaller details to your walls, French interior design is sure to give you a relaxing and beautiful home.


France’s Influence

Since the 15th and the 16th centuries, French interior design has been influencing trends around the world. Featuring soft pastel colours, curved lines, and intricate details, French design is a timeless combination of trends of old with a contemporary touch.


Stimulating all of the five senses is important for a balanced and welcoming environment. From visual beauty to tactile textures, French interior design is unmistakable.


Feature: Colours

Bold colours aren’t typically found in French interior design, a trend that is followed in areas such as Paris. White is a popular choice, in all its available shades. Hints of warm tones transform the room into a more inviting area.

Soft pastels are also used, keeping the room looking elegant and sophisticated. The pastel colours contrast with the ornate decoration and with the antique accessories.


Feature: Antique Décor

The regal style truly becomes apparent when accessorising and buying furniture. Details such as an antique clock add a touch of Renaissance style to the room while tying in with the overall design. Intricate, golden mirrors and chandeliers evoke times of old, in which royalty lavishly decorated their palaces.

In modern times, these antique touches bring life to the home, highlighting that which French décor has been known for in the past centuries.


Feature: Contemporary Touch

The simplicity of the contemporary minimalism is combined with the regal tones of the décor to complete the French interior design look. A wooden floor is perfect for a high-quality look, providing a warm aesthetic. As a long-term investment, you are guaranteed not only a beautiful floor but also a hygienic one that helps fight allergies, as it provides great indoor air quality.

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