Interior styles have been influenced over time by a wide collection of different cultures, such as the Egyptians, Chinese, Roman, Aztec and Medieval, to name but a few. But few interior styles have had the impact and relevance of Greece, especially on modern interior design and architecture. The Greeks have definitely stood the test of time, with many homes across the world incorporating Greek inspired interior design.

Greek Influence
Its clear as crystal water, dazzling natural backgrounds continue to attract modern architects and interior designers, offering a fresh and aesthetically pleasing range of design options. The Greeks continue to influence architecture and art, and have for thousands of years.

Greek Style Home
 Whether it’s the famous columns that decorated Ancient Greece or the Meander theme now synonymous with the culture, the Greek style is one that is simple, unique and serves to make the old seem like the new.
Feature: Colors
Greek homes typically display white washed walls, with beautiful bright blue decorated timber windows.

Traditional Greek Home
The white and colour combination is typically reflected in the interior, with a nearly pure white background mixed with inflections of varying blue tones, from turquoise to sky blue, navy blue to pale azure; even ultramarine.

Blue and White Interior Design
Common colours for furniture would be penetrating shades of green complementing the rich vegetation, as well as gold and purple-red moods inspired by the sunlight and remote flowers native to Ancient Greece.

Green Sun Chairs
Feature: Walls
As discussed, the walls of a Greek influenced home are usually white washed and while they also look rough and rustic, the edges are typically soft and curved.

Farm House Kitchen

Feature: Flooring

Greek flooring is covered with natural stone made up of marble or limestone to produce a feel of nature in the home. Area carpets, which feature stripe like decorations, typically with flowers, trellis and traditional themes, are used rather than wall to wall carpeting. Combining this natural stone look with wood flooring really helps to give a home a rural look and feel.

Brick Paving

Feature: Furnishings
Wooden furniture, such as support tables and stools, are popular with Greek-influenced styled homes. So when deciding on the furniture for your home, make sure it’s simple in design with elusive edges and rough materials. Other ideal choices of furniture would be glass pottery and tinted glassware.

Blue Bowl
Greek SculpturesFeature: Monuments

The Greeks are infamous for their statues, so having a Greek inspired statue in your home is a great way to top off that Greek atmosphere in your home. While it’s most important to make sure you opt for something that complements your interior design, if you opt for the classic Greek whites and blues, with a natural flooring, there is no replacement for an authentic Greek statue.

As you can see the Greek culture still has a huge impact on modern architecture and interior design; there is so much to learn from the Greeks and Ancient Greece in terms of designing your dream home. If you need a tile shop that can help make the interior of your home become as authentic as possible, in terms of being as Greek in style as possible. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and let us help create the perfect Greek interior for your home.