There is a plethora of interior styles which draw inspiration from around the world, different time periods, and even specific cultures.

Interior design can even be traced back as far as prehistoric times, when our ancestors began decorating their dwellings with drawings, leading many to believe that it is ingrained into our primal instincts to create attractive homes to live in.

However, one culture which has had a huge impact on the interior design is ancient Egypt.

Egypt’s Influence

The Egyptians are well known for showing their wealth, and many of the huge, grand buildings that have been discovered in Egypt from the ancient eras have proved to be beautifully decorated – both inside and out.

Amazing Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt iStock_000015224988_Medium
Although these magnificent structures were primarily used for housing the rich and powerful rulers of Egypt, as well as to please their gods, there are still features which appear in interior design trends today.

Feature: Colours

An Egyptian palette is typically made up of various neutral shades, with a heavier influence of sandy yellows, creams and warmer beiges. This is very reminiscent of the sand dunes which dominate the land of Egypt, bringing a very exotic theme into an interior with very little effort.

Interior of a luxury health spa
The rich Egyptian leaders were extremely fond of parading their wealth, so it is not uncommon to see splashes of vibrant blue or red within an Egyptian inspired style, replicating the glistening jewels that were no doubt on display. Even gold accents can be added to further implicate the atmosphere of wealth and grandeur which the Egyptian style encompasses.

This can be achieved in an interior style through richly coloured tiles and furnishings, or even by incorporating gold through furniture features, such as table legs, taps or handles.

Feature: Materials

It is a well-known fact that the Egyptians were incredible architects, so it should be apparent that their interiors would be adorned with items made from various materials.

Tiles were used to adorn walls and floors within the grand buildings; many of them glazed to gleam as the light caught them. Many of these glazed tiles were patterned, often covered with hieroglyphics or symbols of wealth, such as papyrus, lotus, birds and fish. Tiles still play a huge role in many different interior styles today, and we stock plenty of floor tiles in Preston that can help you to achieve the look you want to achieve.

Natural materials such as plant fibres and stone are also heavily prominent within the Egyptian style. Dark reed mats can be placed on neutral tiled floors to add an additional colour to the scheme while still staying true to the overall Egyptian feel, while light, neutral cotton can be used within furnishings to tie even the most modern of features into the theme; from curtains to upholstery.

Ceramic is also a very Egyptian material. Adorn your interior with ceramic pots, and you will feel as though your home is fit for a Pharaoh. You could use these as an attractive, unique storage system, or simply have them as decorative features around the room.

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