Redecorating can give your home a completely new feel, something that you may be thinking about at this time of year as we prepare to enter spring. So, if you are considering giving your home a new look, you may be considering whether to use paint or wallpaper. Take a look at our points below to help you make up your mind.

Paint Can

Paint – The Pros

If you are looking to get the job done fast, painting may be the ideal solution as the preparation time is low in comparison to wallpapering. Painting is often the cheaper option and is easier to complete yourself.

You can also use paint in rooms where wallpaper may not be appropriate, such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Paint – The Cons

In terms of design and style, paint can be a little limiting. While you can create any colour combination you can imagine, patterns and intricate designs are harder to make.

Wallpaper – The Pros

Using wallpaper allows for a whole new possibility of designs and styles. You can choose from intricate patterns and varying textures to give your room a striking look. This is particularly useful for large rooms that you would like to make a little cosier.

A good quality wallpaper will also offer you durability, sometimes lasting up to fifteen years, making it an appealing option for those that are likely to experience a greater deal of wear and tear such as young families.

Grey Print Wall Paper

Wallpaper – The Cons

Applying wallpaper can be a tricky process, and even infuriating at times! This is something that puts off many people choosing to decorate their homes.

It is also inadvisable to use wallpaper in rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen as the moisture and wallpaper adhesive do not mix well.


Both wallpaper and paint have their pros and cons and can work well in different rooms and situations. Having said that, you needn’t limit yourself to only using one or the other. Paint and wallpaper can work well together, allowing you to create striking feature walls or making the most of small spaces while adding style.

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