Real Wood Flooring in Preston and Lancaster

Wood-effect flooring brings a comforting and natural aesthetic into any home, but nothing can really compare to feeling real and genuine wood beneath your feet.

At the Rockform showroom between Lancaster and Preston, we can guide you through an exclusive range of premium quality wood flooring. Our variety of solid wood flooring will provide you with plenty of options for whichever room you are looking to refurbish.

We can even guide you through a selection of our most moisture-resistant choices for bathrooms. Our Woodpecker branded wood has plenty of options for creating that exclusive spa-feel in your home or establishment, finished with a moisture-resistant laminate.

We also stock Ted Todd branded flooring for their variety of sophisticated patterns and hues. A Ted Todd wood flooring is sure to bring a new level of majesty into your home, and their wood is also sourced sustainably from carefully managed forests – ensuring that you install a guilt-free wood flooring.


The Benefits of Natural Wood Flooring

There’s no doubt that the human connection to natural aesthetics is real and important; nature has been enjoyed on a visual level by humans throughout history. Now referred to as biophilic interior design, incorporating nature into homes and businesses continues to be a popular choice for many and a rising trend this decade.

Other than being a fantastic stylistic choice for any room, a natural wood floor has benefits beyond its aesthetic:

  • Easy to Clean
  • High-Quality
  • Long-Lasting Durability
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Interesting Variety Between Boards
  • Adds Value to Any Room
  • Better Acoustics
  • Repair not Refit

You might not realise the benefits of better acoustics in your home until you change your living room floor to natural wood and realise the difference it makes to your television sound. Also, where other floors will need to be replaced, wooden flooring can be repaired with a refinish – ensuring your lovely hardwood floor continues to contribute beauty to your home.


If you aren’t yet sold on the advantages of natural wood flooring, we implore you to visit our showroom where we stock wood flooring at our store which is situated between Lancaster and Preston. Here, you can inspect the quality of our products and, if you’re still not sure, compare the differences between the natural wood and engineered wood tiles we stock supplied by Ted Todd Fine Wood Floors.

Take a look through our wood flooring gallery and enquire today by phone on 01995 643 455 or by sending an email to Alternatively, you can get in touch regarding our wood flooring using the button above, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can find our showroom situated between Preston and Lancaster and we look forward to seeing you soon.