Another year, another four seasons of amazing design innovation and development. We have seen some truly amazing things come in and out of style over the years here at Rockform, and we have no doubt that 2017 will be no different. From bathroom trends to colour palettes, the differing styles can almost be overwhelming.

So, what is there to look forward to in the New Year?

Get Back to Nature

Two new colour trends are coming in 2017; the first being the return of nature to your home. Bright green will be a major trend that will take the style world by storm. In every home store and even on every catwalk around the world. This is perfect for anyone hoping to bring a touch of nature into their home.

It is a sign of a new beginning, a time for reinvention and revitalising after the somewhat tense atmosphere of 2016.

Navy Blue

For the perfect room accent, navy is the colour that will be the colour of choice for you in 2017. It is a great colour that will go with anything and fit into any style that you may already have in place.

The natural coolness of blue helps brings a healing feeling into your home. It helps to make spaces feel less small, as it is a dark colour but doesn’t make a room feel like it has less room such as black. Warm colours are out, navy is the perfect replacement to make your 2017 more on trend.


Space is an important commodity in the modern home – a fact which will come to the forefront in the 2017 home. Less is more in the modern home and as such design that is foldable is going to be all the rage in the New Year.

Foldable tables, chair, appliances and even a foldable stove top will become more prevalent over the next year. The more room-saving an idea, the more popular it will be.

Bye, Bye, DIY

Have you ever installed your own shelf? Only to realise that it is wonky for years to come? Never fear, that feeling of shame will soon be far in the past as artisanal products will become trendy in 2017. Don’t DIY it, get other people to!

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