In our 2020 Tile Trends blog, we revealed that interior design going forward is all about ethical furnishings – items that have a history, are made from sustainable materials, by citizens who are appropriately paid for their labour. In terms of colours and shapes, deep blues and greens are currently at the height of fashion, but other bold colours are also well represented in the 2020 trends.

Two basins in bathroom

Blue Bathrooms

Pantone’s colour of the year was Classic Blue – a brilliant colour for bathroom decoration that makes designers think of the sea. One of the best ways to incorporate rich blue themes into your bathroom is to tile the walls in blue, but if you want to be extra-trendy then you should think about the shape of the tiles you’re using, too!

Curiously shaped tiles are in-keeping with current themes for replicating geometric patterns, as the grouting between the tiles makes another pattern that is separate to the style and quality of the tiles themselves. The most fashionable tile shapes currently are tear-drop tiles (also known as fish-scale) and hexagonal tiles. We think that fish-scale tiles are especially appropriate for a bathroom or wet room, given their apt nickname.

Designed bathroom with stylish blue cabinet, blue wall tiles and big round mirror

You may choose to opt for a blue feature wall using our unique tiles from Preston, surrounded by bright white colours that suggest hygiene and keep the light in, as Classic Blue is a fairly dark colour that can easily swallow a small bathroom.

Once you’ve tinted your bathroom in stylish blue, your next task is to consider the types of fittings and furnishing that will best suit your blue bathroom. The use of mixed metal fittings in bathrooms has been trending for over a year now, and it’s still a very popular design trend that you might choose to accommodate into your bathroom refurbishment. For a royal look, you may opt for mixing brass with gold and copper.

Luxurious washbasin toilet shower and mirror in the bathroom

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a different kind of sophistication and a bright atmosphere, you might choose silver fittings to complement any mirrors you might be keeping in your bathroom. You might also consider using a light grout between any of your blue tiles to accentuate the patterns created by your tiles.

For a more modern look that questions tradition, you might go for a darker bathroom that uses a mixture of slender black fittings that soak up the light, contrasted with large mirrors that prevent your bathroom from becoming too dingy.


Green Bathrooms

Dulux went with a shade of green that they call Tranquil Dawn as their colour of the year. Tranquil Dawn is a grey-green colour that looks to tap into biophilia trends that look to use earthy, natural feeling colours. The shade of tranquil dawn is a diluted green that bucks last year’s trend of intense jewel tones and instead opts for letting a little more light into our homes.

In the bathroom, tranquil dawn creates a fantasy of slipping into a green jungle spring that’s rich with life. This is the kind of bathroom that encourages you to indulge in bath bombs and bubbles galore. The Tranquil Dawn bathroom is a bathroom to be enjoyed, not simply a show bathroom for your guests (although it will certainly be fashionable as well).

Modern Bathroom Interior design ,3d rendering ,3d illustration

Art Deco was famous for bringing deep-seated baths into fashion, and the return of these types of bath will certainly be most appreciated in a trendy tranquil-dawn bathroom. Wooden or wood-look furnishings will also be much appreciated in bathrooms with a natural aesthetic.

If you’re keen on the biophilic trends that are still picking up speed in interior designing, then you might also consider bringing a couple of plants into your bathroom. You don’t want to bring in too many, for fear of cluttering your bathroom, but an elegant orchid here or there certainly won’t go amiss.

Spa towels on wooden table over blurred salon window background

You might opt for natural feeling floor tiles for your tranquil bathroom, too. Natural stone tiling will work especially well with diluted green themes – you want to create a feeling of balance and peace, where no single item outshines the other particularly. We can help you to create a bathroom that exudes harmony through style when you speak to us about your ideas for tiles and designs in-store, online, or via the phone.

We sell quality wall tiles in Preston, for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways – wherever you want to tile. Get in touch with us soon about your ideas and budget, and we’ll see how we can help you to attain your favourite look for 2020.