Raise your hands and wave goodbye to the tiles of 2019, because 2020 is on the horizon and we’re so excited to learn where the future of interior design fashion will take us next. In this blog we will be discussing the floor and wall tiles of the future, as well as some general interior design tips, and some speculation regarding Dulux and Pantone’s colours of 2020.

Couple looking ceramic and tiles for their new home floor

Interior Design Tips for 2020

2020 is building on the trends of 2019, meaning that we’re even more interested about the origins of the items used in our homes than we were before. Sourcing your furniture, flooring, and ornaments ethically is now just as important as sourcing them at a good quality and price for many trendy homeowners. Your home should be able to tell a story, and in 2020, that story should be an ethically positive one.

If you’re wondering how you might start to ethically redecorate your home, then we can offer you some tips:

  • Think about how each item in your home is made.

There are various aspects to consider here; is your sofa made from renewable materials by people who are paid a respectable amount? If the answer is yes, then you won’t need to think about swapping out your sofa for 2020. If the answer is no, then you might want to consider shopping around a little.

  • Think about where each item in your home comes from.

If you buy a lot of second-hand or upcycled furniture, then you’re in the right place! It’s trendy to be eco-friendly and re-using or upcycling furniture ensures that products achieve a longer life than if they were simply sent to the tip.

If you can’t bring yourself to buy second-hand, then you might want to consider restricting yourself to local goods to manage the carbon footprint of your possessions. Remember that items transported from far off countries will have consumed a lot of fuel before they arrive at your door!

  • Think about what each item in your home is made from.

It’s not just about where the item comes from; your item could have been made in the UK but constructed from materials that need to be shipped in from all over the world. Using natural, locally sourced materials for your furniture is the ultimate step to reaching the heights of 2020 fashion.

More generally, colours and textures will also be changing for 2020. Soft furnishings with rich earthy colours are going to be in style, along with elements that are reminiscent of natural structures.

green surface of Abstract colorful smalt mosaic with high resolution for background.

Tile Tips for 2020

Our store of tiles in Preston has plenty of British tiles for you to use in your home, but to fit in with 2020s style, you’ll also need to plan around the new year’s colours too. Luckily, Dulux have released their colour of 2020 so we can throw speculation aside and start buying in tiles to accompany Tranquil Dawn.

Tranquil Dawn is a shade of pale grey green. It’s in keeping with themes of biophilia through its use of green, and the pale pastel tones suggest mindfulness and minimalism. As many other interior designers have also mentioned, Tranquil Dawn is perfectly complimented by autumnal colours.

Unlike Dulux, Pantone is still yet to announce its colour of the year, but speculation suggests that it will either match Dulux and various other fashion and interior designers by favouring a shade of blue or green, or it will buck the trend and go with a fierce and bright yellow or red.

Abstract image of colorful mosaic-like squares, inspired by nature. Primarily shades of green and blue ranging from bright golden-green and turquoise to deep navy and forest green.

You can call or visit us to find tiles in many shades of green to suit your stylish home for 2020. We stock tiles in a range of shapes, sizes, patterns and colours, so we recommend that you go to our store for wall tiles in Preston.