Natural stone tiles and stone tiles are a popular choice for both business and residential properties. Typically used in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, conservatories, living areas, and for exterior paved areas on both walls and floors, natural stone floor tiles are popular because they are robust, practical, hardwearing, and hygienic, which suits any modern lifestyle and offers a vast range of properties.

Here are the uses of natural stone tiles as well as the advantages of having them in your home or place of business.

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Uses of Natural Stone Tiles

The use of stone tiles not only has an appearance of elegance and sophistication with its natural beauty; it is timeless. It doesn’t become outdated or go out of fashion, which is an added benefit, as you do not have to redesign your home every few years to keep up with the latest trends.

Natural stone tiles flooring is often used to create a sense of space, by seamlessly using natural stone floor tiles throughout an interior area and exterior of your home, they can ‘open up’ an area thanks to their light, airy feel.

There are many natural stone floor materials, from marble tiles, limestone, granite tiles, to travertine tiles, to choose from, so you can select from a wide variety and find something to suit your preferred style and match the interior of your home.

Stone tiles can create a classic, luxurious look, while slate tiles give a room a more rustic look. Highly polished limestone tiles create a contemporary feel, and some travertine floor tiles manage to combine elegance with a rustic style, so it all depends on your preference. No matter what your aesthetic is, there will be natural floor tiles to suit you.

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Advantages of Natural Stone Tiles

There are many practical advantages of using natural stone tiles throughout your home, here are ten of the benefits:

Stone tiles are easy to maintain

A natural stone floor provides a hard-wearing, easy to clean and maintain, durable floor covering. They are straightforward to care for and won’t need replacing any time soon. It can withstand heavy footfall and usage for many years to come, so it’s the perfect material for floors for families with children.

It adds value to your property

Natural stone flooring is timeless and not effected by fashion trends, so you can guarantee that it will add some value to your property should you wish to sell down the line.

Natural beauty

There is no denying that natural stone tiles are beautiful. They have been used for a long time, and they seamlessly add elegance to a property as they radiate a stylish and classy look.

Adds warmth

Not in terms of heat, but natural stone tiles can add a warm feeling to a room with their rich, natural colours and soft textures. So even in rooms with little natural light, natural stone tiles can help add a touch of warmth to the space that really brightens up a room.

Unique pieces

Every tile of stone floor is unique and never identical. Each stone tile has distinct veining, colouring, and natural characteristics, creating a timeless floor covering that you won’t find anywhere else. Your property will always look unique and special in its own way.

Keep your home cool

Natural stone tiles can help keep the climate cooler in your home, becoming a preferred choice for properties in warmer countries or properties that are exposed to extensive sunlight in the summer months.

Hygienic floor surface

Stone tiles do not store dust, pet hairs, or skin particles, providing an ideal floor to keep clean.

Great for underfloor heating

If you’re considering underfloor heating in your home, natural floor tiles are great for this application as they are great heat conductors. Not only will your floor be stylish, but it will also be practical too.

Sturdy and durable

Natural stone tiles are a sturdy and durable material for flooring. They won’t be susceptible to breaking or staining, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Easily cleaned

A simple wipe down with a cloth or mop is all that is needed to remove any spills, no scrubbing or special cleaning products required — another reason why natural stone tiles are the perfect addition to homes with children.

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Natural stone tiles are highly valued for its infinitely variable style and renowned durability. Here at the Rockform showroom, we can show you a range of the highest quality natural stone tiles that have been sourced around the world. They are available in a vast array of colours and finishes for a variety of uses.

If you would like to find out more about the natural stone tiles we have available, get in touch with a member of our team today, and we will be more than happy to help. Alternatively, you can peruse our natural stone tiles In Lancaster and natural stone tiles In Preston on our website.