Wet rooms are fantastic additions to homes and they can make your enjoyment of the property far greater. In addition, a wet room is also a great way to add value to your home. 

Freestanding bath in modern bathroom

Can Anyone Have a Wet Room?

A wet room can be installed in any property. The key is that you have to have enough space for a fully open shower, with space around it to prevent the sink, sides and toilet from being sprayed.

After an initial discussion we can assist with design and specifications, to ensure that you can get the most from your wet room in the space that you have.

Water Drainage

The first key element to a wet room is the water drainage. You will need professionals to install your bathroom tiles so that they can put a small gradient on the floor. This gradient is key so that everything drains away.


The second key aspect of installing a wet room is that everything needs to be waterproofed. You will need to waterproof the bottom of the walls, the area around the shower, and of course – the floor! It is also sensible to raise the door threshold by 5mm to prevent any leaking of water through the door. For such a high level of waterproofing expertise, you will need to consider using professionals to install your bathroom tiles in Lancaster.

What Materials Should You Use?

When designing a wet room, you want it to look fantastic as well as being functional. Bathroom tiles are the best material to build your wet room with because they offer durability as well as flexibility of style, meaning that you can pick and choose from our extensive range here at Rockform to find the perfect design for you.

When choosing tiles you should opt for non-porous materials such as ceramic or porcelain, to avoid any unwanted draining. Tiles of limestone or slate can also be utilised however, due to their composition, these materials will need to be more regularly sealed.

Underfloor Heating – The Final Touch

Adding underfloor heating to your bathroom is the final fantastic touch that will make your wet room look amazing and ensure that it adds the highest possible value to your home. In addition, underfloor heating will help the floor to dry after use, prolonging its life after you have enjoyed your stunning new wet room.

If you’re looking for quality bathroom tiles in Preston or Lancaster, contact us at Rockform today.