Whether you choose bold and dramatic slate or chic travertine, natural stone makes a huge impact when used in your shower. It’s an effortless way to capture the look of a high end hotel bathroom or to create a real wow factor with its timeless appeal and durability.

With every tile presenting the unique result of countless millennia, nothing can match the look of natural stone for your shower.

Bathroom in the modern luxury hotel, Peloponnes, Greece

Natural Beauty

There’s a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to natural stone, but what works for you is down to your personal preference. Limestone and travertine create a calm and neutral backdrop, with travertine’s rich, warm tones adding extra depth. Slate can look gorgeous when used for a large walk-in shower, but beware of using it in smaller cubicles where it can become oppressive.

The Benefits of Stone

Aesthetically, nothing matches natural stone with its visual and tactile appeal. Each tile is naturally unique with its own pits and strata, and it’s an effect that not even the best ceramic and porcelain tiles can precisely match. When it comes to resale value, buyers tend to give a higher perceived value to natural stone which may be a factor when you come to tile your shower.

Maintenance is Key

The beautiful features that make natural stone so attractive are also its Achilles heel. Stone is prone to absorbing both direct and indirect moisture and your tiles must be sealed and then resealed often to maintain their fabulous look and feel. However, it’s a straightforward procedure and a small price to pay for creating the wow factor in your shower room.

A Practical Alternative?

If you’d like the look of stone but without the hassle, then why not consider porcelain tiles designed to mimic the look of natural stone? They’re easy to maintain and can be used to create some breathtaking effects – they’re also the smart choice for your bathroom floor as they have a lower slip factor than natural stone.

Spoilt For Choice

Whether you prefer the superb aesthetic of natural stone or the easy maintenance of porcelain tiles, we have a comprehensive range on view in our showroom. So if you’re looking for bathroom tiles in Lancaster and Preston, why not contact us today.