Mosaic tiles have always been popular with homeowners, and for very good reasons. They are decorative, hygienic, and can help to add that all-important personal touch to your bathroom. They also work wonderfully well with Italian porcelain tiles.

Below we share several ideas on how you can use mosaic tiles to help transform your bathroom space.

Modern style interior design and white basin install on marble top table of a bathroom

Create a Tile Border

Any size bathroom or wet room can benefit from a tile border. This attractive border can help to add a splash of colour in a neutral bathroom, and can also help to frame the space. Choose your favourite colours and create a fun pattern.

The Accent Mosaic Tile

When we think of the mosaic tile we often picture borders or large spaces that are filled with these intricate and colourful tiles. However, the mosaic tile can be used as an accent piece in your bathroom. Place the tiles in the centre of the wall, or around the bathtub. They will help to break up space and add a splash of colour.

The Mosaic Wall

You can have so much fun with mosaic tiles and be incredibly creative. Why not create a focal wall? If you are unsure of where to start, then choose a colour that is already featured in other wall tiles, to help bring the overall look together. You could of course be adventurous and create a bold and dramatic pattern for the entire wall.

Frame the Mirror

If you only want to use a few mosaic tiles in your bathroom, or if you simply wish to keep the costs down, then why not use mosaic tiles around the bathroom mirror? This will help to define the mirror, add colour, and can help to transform mirrored tiles into a work of art.

Create an Image

Mosaic tiles are fabulous when used to create a pattern or as accent tiles, but what about using them to create an image. If you have a nautical themed bathroom then why not use them to create sail boats or star fish? Mosaic tiles really do allow you to truly personalise your bathroom space.

To gain more inspiration and to find out more about our full range of mosaic bathroom tiles in Lancaster then please do contact us here at Rockform today.