The bathroom is supposed to be an elegant, inviting space where you can relax at the end – or even the start – of the day. Having a room which is dark and dismal isn’t somewhere that you are going to want to sit in and enjoy for hours on end, so it’s important that you create an environment that is light and comfortable!

All too often, our bathrooms get neglected and remain dull, but there are some ways in which you can brighten up even the darkest and smallest of bathrooms – and that’s through design.

Create More Space, Add More Light

Small bathrooms are more likely to suffer with lack of light, mainly due to their size. As smaller windows tend to be used, natural light can be pretty scarce, making the room feel darker than it should be,

Luxury Bathroom

However, even the smallest bathroom can be made to look bigger, while increasing the amount of light in there, too. Using mirrors, you can create the illusion of a bigger space, and bounce a single light source around the room.

Mirrors can act like windows, breaking up the wall space. Coupled with a light either behind or above the mirror, you can light up the whole room effectively.

Flooring Choice Can Help, Too

While you may think having a simple, plain white tiled floor will help with the bouncing of light around the room, it can often contribute to making the room look flat and lacking depth. The white colour can look quite clinical, too, which isn’t what you want for a space which you are trying to make relaxing.

Light Bathroom

Instead of just using white, try choosing a tile choice which has some form of simple pattern to it which has an element of white running through it to help reflect the light. Try not to opt for heavily patterned tiles, though, to avoid the room feeling too cramped with detail.

Think About Your Features

When deciding on your bathroom furniture, it is important to consider how they will affect the layout of your room, including how the lighting will be affected. This is mostly to do with the positioning of aspects such as the shower cubicle which could potentially block out some light to areas of the room.

Modern Bathroom

If your shower is something that you think will hinder the brightness of your room, you can always opt for a glass cubicle instead; this way, light can pass straight through and you won’t have to worry about bulky walls or frames breaking up the clean, light feel of your bathroom.

Floating features are also a great way to give the illusion of more light; removing unnecessary shadows from legs and freeing up space underneath for light to get to.

Creating a light, bright bathroom isn’t as hard as you may initially think. Through a few simple changes to your room’s design, you can transform the space into a peaceful, relaxing, illuminated haven.

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