Sometimes, not of all us will have a large bathroom at our disposal, but believe or not, you can make a small bathroom just as effective and valuable as having a larger one. With some tips from us, you will be able to make the most out of your small bathroom! 

Dark Bathroom

Effective Storage

Being smart when it comes to what you store in your bathroom, will help you tremendously in helping you make the most out of your limited space. Corner Sinks can help make your bathroom visually stunning without taking up too much space. Adding a shelf under your bathroom basin will also give much needed storage space.

Slim, wheeled storage units are great for storing bathroom items such as soaps, toothpaste, and sponges. This can help to avoid your bathroom becoming filled up with bottles and unnecessary bathroom products. Also, it can help keep your bathroom well organised and spacious!

Install a Wet Room

Installing a wet room in your small bathroom can save space, whilst making it more stylish as an added bonus!  If you’re worried about your bathroom not being large enough to have a wet room, don’t worry, as you can alter it by adding concealed shower trays which can give the look of a wet room.

Wall Mounted Lights

Adjustable Lighting

Having adjustable lighting helps create a multifunctional bathroom, which is extremely useful considering you have limited space to add lots of different devices. If you have one overhead light in your bathroom, it will function for useful tasks such as bathing and brushing your teeth.

Add a dimmer switch to the lighting fixture and you can have a nice shower in the evening. You’ve saved some space and your bathroom has become more useful without added tools to cluster up your bathroom!

Buy Flat Mirrors instead of Medicine Cabinets

Mirrors can work with the light in your bathroom to make the room ook bigger, so when it comes to choosing mirrors for your bathroom, go as big as possible! Furthermore, buying flat mirrors can save you a lot of space. Flat mirrors will not only take up less space than medicine cabinets, but medicine cabinets can give the impression that your bathroom is smaller than it is!

Hopefully, you will now be more than able to make the most out of your small bathroom and make it seem a lot larger than it was initially! We at Rockform, are always on the lookout when it comes to providing the best design tips for your bathroom. You can find some great tips on creating the perfect bathroom for your home on our blog, you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Houzz.