As the days draw shorter in the winter, making the most out of the limited natural light available to you becomes more important than ever before.

Ensuring you have the right colour scheme throughout your home can go a long way to helping ease your winter blues.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your home feeling bright and warm during the winter months.

Keep It Neutral

Warmer colour schemes stem from more neutral colours such as white, black and grey. These colours are also easy to work with in winter as they give a warmer feel to a room, rather than having the dominant colour in the room being on the darker side.

Keeping your walls white or a lighter shade of grey can help to make the most of the light available to your home. These colours allow light to reflect around the room naturally, creating a more summer like sensation in the room.

Having a neutral colour of paint on your walls also allows you to have a basic shell to work with when thinking about decorating your room with furniture.

Loft Bedroom
Furnish With Exciting Colours

To ensure your neutrally decorated room isn’t left lacking in character, add some bright furniture to the room to add to the warm colour scheme in the room.

Orange pillows paired with a neutrally coloured duvet can make your bedroom feel warm and cosy when winter hits. Adding in a new pair of fire red curtains will also ensure the room is brought to life with bolder colours with a neutral base.

Bold Light Colour Schemes

If you are looking to avoid using a neutral colour scheme, you could opt for a more colourful approach to dressing your room.

To keep your room feeling cosy when the temperatures are low, employ a bright and bold colour scheme, paired with furniture of a similar colour.

Red, bright yellow and orange colours are popular when thinking of warming colour schemes. These colours are great for giving a bland and neutrally coloured room some personality.

Avoid making a bright colour the most prominent in bedrooms as these colours energise the room. This is great for other rooms, such as the living room or kitchen, but bedrooms need the main colour scheme to be neutral.

Paint Tin
Install Wood Flooring

A simple and effective way of lighting a room, without changing colour scheme is to allow natural light to bounce off wood flooring.

Remove anything covering your wood flooring and allow natural light to reflect onto your newly painted, neutral coloured walls. This will give a summer feel to your room in the height of winter.

Ensuring your wood flooring is newly polished ready for winter is also a must, as it will guarantee the maximum amount of natural light is utilised, even in the darkest of rooms.

If you’re interested in brightening your room with wood flooring, you can browse our range or contact us for more information.

How To Warm Up A Larger Room

Warming colour schemes are the perfect remedy for keeping a large room cosy during the winter.

Neutral colours can often have the illusion of advancing space and make the room feel small and snug. They are ideal for giving a large space more intimacy and can help energise a darker room.

If you would like to make your home cosy this winter, why not contact us to speak to one of our experts about how to make the most of your warming colour scheme. We offer a wide range of Farrow and Ball wallpaper and wood flooring to meet help brighten up your home this winter.