If you’ve decided, or are thinking about whether to renovate your bathroom, there are a few things you should consider before going ahead with the work. Your bathroom can be a hub of relaxation if you plan it right, and in the long run, you can make the space much more enjoyable and valuable.

Long gone are the days of living in excess. In this modern society, we can make the most of the space with savvy ways and subtleties. We can be smart about how we spend our money, get the most out of the space and do it in a stylish and slick way.

WHEN was Your House Built?

You need to consider what age your bathroom is. You don’t want to start knocking down walls and removing aspects of your bathroom if you don’t know what’s hiding behind them. Things have changed over time, and so has technology and engineering.

Planning permission isn’t normally necessary if you’re simply just renovating your old bathroom. Depending on how old your house is, your renovation may need a little more care and consideration. If you are changing anything dramatically, you must think about what else needs altering around this; for example, if installing a wet room, consider getting a bigger exhaust fan, or larger widows.

Green Bathroom


WHO will be Using Your Bathroom?

It’s not going to be much use if you create a serene white tiled room with a luxury tub, if you have a 3 year old splashing in a bubble bath. If you aren’t really a bath person or don’t have the time of day, then you can save money and time by installing just a shower, or a shower room. If you need disabled access or access to sit down etc. then these features need to be installed, and you should budget for these.

If you are designing and renovating this bathroom for your own needs, you should tailor it exactly to your requirements. If you like to spend time in front of the mirror, getting ready, you may want to install a separate area with a large mirror and a cosmetic area. You might also like to install a bookcase or a shower radio if you like to read in the bath, or listen to music.


WHAT are the Necessities?

Obviously, you must know the essentials, before dreaming up all the little touches that personalise it to you. You need the general shower or bath and basin as well as a colour scheme. This relates to who will be using the space. You may want to make the theme a bit brighter and fun, or create a cool and calm space with white tiles and room for candles.  Other necessities might include storage space, hooks and rails or a step, so the kids can brush their teeth. You should also think about where these small aspects will fit into your design.

If you want to just go back to basics, or go all out, the possibilities are endless when it comes to renovating your bathroom. Whether you want an impressive waterfall shower with Italian porcelain tiles or a corner piece bath with natural stone, you need to figure out the basics first.

Yellow Bathroom
HOW Much Does it Cost?

There’s no point in dreaming up your fantasy bathroom, with endless gizmos and gadgets, if it’s not realistic. You should know your budget, and plan ahead to be able to get as close to your dream bathroom as possible.

You should try and take charge of your budget, and not let your spending get out of control – be honest with yourself on the costing and what you can afford. Lots of people forget to factor in the little yet important things, such as lighting, bath frames, and tiling and flooring. You also need to consider the costing for any labour work, unless you are doing it on a DIY basis.

Houses and Money
It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and get excited about the thought of your new bathroom, but it will be much smoother and easier in the long run if you think about all these aspects and take time to really plan. If you feel you need any extra guidance or help with choices for your bathroom renovation, get in touch with Rockform and we would be happy to help.