If you have a small bathroom to redesign, you might be looking for information on how to make it feel like a bigger space. Luckily for you, it is certainly possible. Read on for our best tips:

  • Bright, Light Colours
  • Mirrors
  • Windows and Lighting
  • Large Tiles and Blank Spaces
  • Careful Planning
  • Space Saving Options
  • Keep Tidy


Bright, Light Colours

Your use of colour will affect how your bathroom feels to you and your guests. If you have ever wondered why so many bathrooms are created in light, bright, and neutral colours, you are about to find out.

Our interpretations of space are largely affected by our ability to see, and our ability to see is dictated by the amount of light available. In a small room, nothing will make it feel cramped more quickly that a poor light source and scary, dark corners.

With this in mind, you should be building your small bathroom around your use of light, and one method to get more light around your bathroom is to use paint or tile in light, reflective colours.

Colours close to white will bounce light around your room better and help it to feel brighter and, subsequently, more spacious. Other popular colours for small bathrooms include sandy tones.

Another trick is to use reflective tiles instead of paint. The glassy surfaces of tiled walls and floors will also better reflect the available light than a matt paint.

There are some great examples of bathrooms that follow these principles at our bathroom showroom between Preston and Lancaster.

Clean and fresh bathroom with natural light


Of course, a simple way to encourage the reflection of light in your bathroom is to add large mirrors. Of course, in a small bathroom, mirrors are even more likely to fog up during a hot bath or shower, which is why you might consider getting a heated mirror, depending on your budget.


Windows and Lighting

Another way to ensure that your bathroom is bright and airy feeling, is to ensure that there are good sources of light to begin with. Large windows can go a long way, but they can also make the bathroom feel much colder in the winter.

For a small bathroom, you will want to use a powerful light source that illuminates every corner of your bathroom.


Large Tiles and Blank Spaces

One way to make a bathroom feel smaller is to fill it with tiny tiles and loud designs. Adding more lines to your bathroom will immediately make it feel smaller. Instead, you should opt for block colours and large tiles to minimalize making your bathroom feeling like a grid.

Small, modern bathroom interior. Mosaic tiles. Well organized space. Gray. Blue. White.

We have a fabulous selection of bathroom tiles in Preston and bathroom tiles in Lancaster, many of which are perfectly suited for making a small bathroom feel bigger.


Careful Planning

If you are completely redesigning your small bathroom, then it probably goes without saying that careful planning of the space that your new facilities are to occupy will help you to avoid creating a cramped atmosphere, too.

It can be hard to visualise exactly how the bathroom that you are planning will really feel in practice, however, so we recommend recreating the scene you are trying to create with similarly sized cardboard boxes. This will help you to envision whether you have really left enough space between the bath and the toilet, or whether you’ve just made the toilet difficult to get to by settling on a bigger bath.

Remember; it isn’t just about whether an item will fit in the space, you need room to move around, too.

View from the top of small bathroom with brown tiles

Space Saving Options

So, if you really don’t want to give up the big bath of your dreams, you are going to need to look into some other space saving options. For example, did you know that there are some toilets that incorporate the function of a sink into the space over the toilet cistern?

If this idea doesn’t float your boat, then you might want to consider under-sink cabinets for storing your toiletries, as well as corner sinks.


Keep Tidy

Lastly, one of the worst things you can do to a new bathroom is to fill it with clutter. This is the surest method for making a small bathroom feel even smaller, but it is also the most easily fixed. Cut down on the number of products you need, hide, gift, or bin the spare bottles, and your bathroom will surely achieve that showroom-look of your dreams.

Shower shelf detail in wall of herringbone marble tiles in a luxury new home

If you’re in need of more design help or inspiration for your interior designing, be sure to check back to our blog or get in touch with a member of our friendly team. We look forward to hearing about how we can help you with your latest ideas.