Here at Rockform, we are proud to be official stockists of Farrow & Ball for the Lancaster and Preston areas. We believe in making it as easy as possible for people to choose a colour scheme and style for their wall that best suits their aesthetic taste, which is why we love the range of products available from Farrow & Ball.

Their range of handcrafted wallpapers and paint can provide you with unsurpassed beauty and such depth of colour that you can breathe new life into tired rooms. Every batch of paint is meticulously checked for colour accuracy and finish to give it their signature ‘Estate Emulsion’, which is the real Farrow & Ball look. So today we’re turning the spotlight on Farrow & Ball so you can see for yourself why we’re proud to be the leading stockists of their wallpapers and paints in the Lancaster and Preston area.

Farrow & Ball

Company History

Farrow & Ball started in 1946 by John Farrow and Richard Ball. A chemist and an engineer respectively, they met in a clay pit and shared a passion for making colours using only the finest ingredients. Their first factory was built in Dorset, and they went on to supply paint for Ford, Raleigh Bicycles, the War Office and the Admiralty.

Farrow and Ball sold the business at the end of the 60s and soon after, a fire destroyed the original factory, so it was moved to its current home near Wimborne where Farrow & Ball have been crafting wallpaper and paints ever since.

This is a company that sticks to its roots, continuing to use its original recipe and age-old methods while others were switching to acrylic paints with added plastics. In the 90s, the company was taken under new leadership and started to grow, working with independent stockists, making wallpapers, opening showrooms and stores overseas.

In the 21st century, Farrow & Ball switched their oil-based paints to eco-friendly water-base finishes to ensure their products are as kind to the planet as possible. They jumped into the digital age with an online interiors magazine and now offer an in-home colour consultancy service.

With more than 60 showrooms worldwide, Farrow & Ball have been transforming all homes, large or small, inside and out across the globe, but they’ve never forgotten their roots.

Woman painting with Farrow and Ball sample pot

Modern Emulsion

Farrow & Ball have a vast range of finishes available, including their latest known as Modern Emulsion. This super tough finish is available for walls and ceilings; it’s washable, scuff-proof and protects against mould, making it ideal for any room in the house from moisture-prone kitchens and bathrooms to busy living rooms. Modern Emulsion comes in the full range of Farrow & Ball colours and a beautiful matt finish.

The high-performance formula of Modern Emulsion makes it very difficult for stains to stick to the surface of their paints, making it easy to wipe away spills and marks. They use a hydrophobic resin, so water-based stains run off rather than soaking into the surface. Their strong binders create a finish that’s resistant to knocks and scrapes, and the formula has protection from mould, mildew and fungi, preventing it from growing on the surface of the paint.

Modern Emulsion is easy to apply and is both eco-friendly and safe for children.

Why Choose Farrow & Ball?

Farrow & Ball provide only the deepest and most richly pigmented colours that respond to light throughout the day, bringing your rooms to life as the absorbing colours create an intense vibrancy. Their paints and wallpapers have a distinctive look that can be tailored to suit any style.

Farrow & Ball have everything from muted pastels to rich, dark hues; everything is created with care to ensure that when you paint your room, it has a timeless look that will never go out of fashion.

Their colours are all available in a range of incredible, durable finishes. From the tough, washable Modern Emulsion to the stunning, shiny Full Gloss, Farrow & Ball finishes will ensure the long-lasting performance of their paints in your home.

With recyclable paint tins, responsibly sourced wallpaper and water-based paints, everything Farrow & Ball does has the planet in mind. They make sure that the environment is at the heart of everything they do.

Farrow & Ball from Rockform

At Rockform, we offer a vast range of Farrow & Ball paints and Farrow & Ball wallpapers in a variety of shades and patterns to suit your needs. Visit our showroom to view and browse the range of designs and colours for yourself.


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