Here at Rockform, we’re in the business of helping you to create beautiful bathrooms, by experimenting with design ideas and inspiration. Right now, one of the looks we’re really embracing is classically elegant and aesthetic, a look that makes you think of marble-clad Roman bathhouses and claw-footed Victorian baths.

There are lots of ways that you can create this sophisticated style in your own home, and hard as it might be to imagine, your efforts do not need to break the bank. Take a look at our top tips and tricks to help elevate your interior, and craft the perfect space to kick back and relax in…

Grey Bathroom -iStock_000028117820_Large

1. Neutralise

Although they look incredibly luxurious and elegant, classic styles are pared back and simplistic. They work by creating a neutral background, one that highlights the carefully selected embellishments incorporated into their design. For those who want to create such a look for themselves, this means one thing: invest in some white paint, neutralise any outlandish colours or accessories, and craft a minimalist canvas to work from.

2. Embrace Natural Textures

Although classic bathroom styles rely on a neutral colour palette, one common feature that most of them share is the inclusion of natural textures, whether this takes the form of marble flooring or wooden furnishings. Our Italian porcelain tiles can you help you to recreate this effect, and paired with carefully selected accessories, they’ll help to build the most striking finish.

3. Add A Few Finishing Touches

Classic bathroom styles are all about the little details you add in. Although your colour palette should remain simple and your space uncluttered, you need a few carefully chosen accessories and adornments to offset the whole, whether these are rich, red towels hung over your radiator and just waiting to warm you post-shower, or an antique wicker washing basket to keep your dirty laundry concealed in. The more intricate the pieces, the more they will do to enhance your theme.

To learn more about purchasing our gorgeous porcelain bathroom tiles in Lancaster, or for expert advice on choosing these, why not contact us today to see how we can help you?