You can buy the most beautiful wall tiles in the world, but your guests aren’t going to be impressed if you can’t also keep them in tip-top condition. A dirty bathroom or kitchen is bound to distract your visitors from the luxury wall tiles you’ve just installed, especially if you suffer from some dirty grout. Here’s how to keep your tiles clean and colourful.

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Cleaning Tiles

Whether your tiles require a light clean or a heavy-duty soak, you should always use rubber gloves to protect your hands from the corrosive effects of cleaning products. Health and safety should always come first.

Steam cleaners are fantastic tools for the house-proud cleaner. You can use them on cars, windows, hobs, and more importantly, tiles. A steam cleaner is a great investment which will significantly reduce time and effort when cleaning, as it works by opening the pores in your tiles and grout, so you can give your surfaces a thorough scrub. After using the steam cleaner, you need to wipe the surface to finish removing the dirt.

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If you don’t have a steam cleaner and you’re too pushed for time to buy one (perhaps you have family visiting), then you can replicate the effects of the steam cleaner in a bathroom situation by taking a hot shower first. By running a hot shower, you will be filling your bathroom with hot steam, which, like the steam cleaner, will help to open those pores so you can clean your bathroom with greater ease.

Now you know how to prepare your tiles for cleaning, let’s take a look at the kinds of cleaning products you can use for the best results on cleaning your tiles. You can buy a shop-made solution such as Mr Muscle if you want an easy solution pre-packaged in a squirty bottle. Alternatively, you can make your own cleaning solution for tiles with an empty spray bottle, some baking soda and some vinegar. Making your own cleaning solutions is eco-friendly too, as you can reduce plastic wastage by reusing plastic bottles.

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Lastly, you should use a microfibre cloth or similarly soft rag for cleaning your tiles. Avoid using steel wool pads on ceramics, as they can cause stains.

Cleaning Grout

Cleaning grout is more annoying than cleaning tiles, because it can be difficult to wedge a cloth into the gaps between the tiles. The grout often looks dirtier than the tiles because it picks up all the dirt that slides off the tiles and holds onto it. Dirty grout can make your surfaces look mouldy and gross, so it’s important to go over it every now and then.

The best tool for going over grout is usually an old toothbrush. Steam cleaners will help to loosen up the dirt, but if you aren’t using a steam cleaner, or have some really embedded dirt in there, an old toothbrush will get straight into those cracks and polish those lines right up. Just be careful not to confuse your cleaning toothbrush with your normal toothbrush!

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The Cleanest Tiles

If your tiles are too far gone, and you’re looking to update your walls with a pattern that you are going to enjoy cleaning every time, you should check out our wall tiles in Preston. We keep them in tip-top condition for your viewing pleasure.