The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house to renovate. Not only does it draw the most scrutiny when you’re selling your house, but changing up the style to create an inviting, clean and open look is important if you frequently have guests over.

The renovation of a bathroom by a construction worker

Make Your Shower Look Taller

Most tiled shower walls stop a couple feet short of the ceiling; this is true for both individual shower units and shower-tub combinations. This is typically done to save on initial construction costs and has now become the norm. For a cleaner, more modern look, however, consider having your shower walls tiled all the way to the ceiling. This not only prevents the shower curtain rod from damaging the drywall, but it also protects against mildew.

Use Wide Rectangular Tiles

Once a popular bathroom style, small, intricately patterned tiles now look garish and dated. Find stone-coloured and textured tiles that are wide and rectangular; these will give your shower a sleeker look, especially if they’re installed in an alternating brick layout instead of a grid.

Extend the Tile to an Accent Wall

Instead of rounding off the edge of the shower wall with a tile border, extend the tiling across the whole wall. Not only does this make the whole space look larger instead of being broken into separate sections; it can also make a smaller shower unit look larger and less claustrophobic, even if you don’t increase the floor space of the shower itself.

Brighten up Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house, and they don’t always have the best lighting. No matter what renovations you’re making, get the most out of the space by choosing light colours. Dark, small tiles can make your bathroom feel cramped and dim.

Instead, save darker coloured tiles for accents or trim. Lighter, longer tiles add extra roominess and brightness to a space. You don’t have to pick plain white tiles, but a white grout is almost always a requirement.

Match Your Kitchen

Keeping a uniform style throughout your house is important. That doesn’t mean all of the walls have to be the same colour or that all of the decorations have to tie in. But keeping some elements consistent, such as the same baseboards or the same ceiling colour, creates a cohesive living space.

This kind of continuity is especially important between your kitchen and bathrooms, because they’re the rooms guests and future buyers notice the most. They are also the two rooms that most commonly utilise tiles! Keep your kitchen floor and backsplash in mind so the shower shares at least one characteristic.

Stick to White & Natural Colours

There’s always a new accent colour. But the rapidly changing colour palette also means that colours go out of style just as quickly as they fall into place. So save your accent shades and bright pops of colour for removable pieces: towels, candles, and shower curtains.

While white bathroom tile is a timeless design that makes a great backdrop, the trend of natural, earthy tones and materials is also holding strong. So if you’re not sure that white tiles are for you, we suggest that you look for wood-patterned and stone alternatives.

Tile More Surfaces

A tiled surface is a protected surface; water – whether splashed, spilled, or floating in the air – is one of the biggest hazards of any bathroom. When you’re renovating your bathroom, consider covering all of the walls with tile. Instead of using wainscoting, for example, cover the lower half of your walls with tiles that match or complement your shower tiles. If you have children, you may also want to consider tiling the backsplash of your bathroom sinks for more splash protection.

Bathroom tiles can add a lot of value to your home. But if you just want to give your bathroom an upgrade to make it more stylish, changing the hardware, tiling and paint are great ways to achieve this.; the tile you pick for your shower alone can completely transform the space.

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