In a follow up to our blog on How to Hang Lining Paper, we are helping you finish the process by teaching you how to hang wallpaper too. You’ll find that learning how to hang wallpaper is easy if you have already mastered hanging your lining paper, but that there a few crucial differences that you’ll learn about here.

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Step 1: Find the Middle

Your first step is to find the middle of the wall that you’re going to be papering. You need to do this to achieve a balanced look; otherwise, you may find that one side of the wall looks messier than the other. Consider the examples below for an idea of what we’re talking about:

room 2room 3

In the example on the left, the centre of the wall is also the centre of the middle section of wallpaper. This means that the cut off sections on either side are balanced and less likely to distract the viewer. The right example, however, is unbalanced.

If there is a feature in the middle of the wall, aim for the centre of that instead. The likelihood is that it will match up with the centre of the wall anyway.

Step 2: Measure the Length of the Wall Vertically

This will be how long you will need to cut your wallpaper. You need to measure from the top of the wall to the skirting board at the bottom. Add 10cm to your measurement which will make the final trim a lot easier.

Step 3: Cut Your Paper

Your next step is to find the top of your pattern because this isn’t always the start of your roll, especially if you are using a repeating pattern. Once you have found the start of your pattern, measure out the length you need (don’t forget the bonus 10cm) and make a mark where you will be cutting. Creasing the paper across the width where you will be cutting can be a smart tactic, as it ensures that you don’t accidentally make a diagonal cut.

Step 4: Applying Adhesive

Before you apply your adhesive, mark which part of the wallpaper is the top on the side that you will be applying adhesive to, this is so you know which way to hang it later. Next, you need to apply your adhesive with a thick brush. Make sure you thoroughly cover the wallpaper, especially the adhesives.

Continue working down the sheet until you are finished, then wipe down the table. You need to clean the table between sheets to avoid getting paste on the outside of the next sheet of your wallpaper.

Step 5: Hanging the Wallpaper

Lift your wallpaper to the ceiling, leaving an overhang of 5cm going over the edge and onto the ceiling – you will trim this back later. There should also be an excess of around 5cm around the skirting board. Gently hang your wallpaper from top to bottom, smoothing out any trapped air from the centre outwards as you go.

Glueing wallpapers at home. Handyman putting up wallpaper on the wall

Step 6: Removing Trapped Air

If you’ve spotted blisters in your wallpaper, then you need fix them before the wallpaper properly sets. You may need to lift the paper off slightly and smooth it back down onto the wall. Continue to work from the centre outwards as you push the air bubbles away.

Step 7: Cut Away the Excess

You can cut away the wallpaper hanging over the edge onto the ceiling and over the skirting boards with a craft knife, or by peeling the wallpaper back and cutting along the crease with your wallpaper scissors.

Step 8: Repeat the Process

For the following panels, you need to be sure that you can match the design to the edges of your section on the wall for your next cutting. Always allow an excess of 10cm so you can move the paper around until it fits with the design. Once you have done this, you cut, paste and hang in the same manner as the first sheet.

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Well done! By this point, you should have finished your wallpapering and can start to put away all the dust sheets and D.I.Y. tools so that you can live in your new space. We sell a variety of Farrow and Ball wallpaper, so you can be sure to find the wallpaper that will reinvigorate your home with us.

For further D.I.Y. tips and hints, visit our blog. Or visit our showroom near Preston & Lancaster