Colour is such an important aspect of any bathroom design, as it can help transform the space and showcase your personality. Be bold with colour, choose colourful tiles, and mix and match with muted greys and monochrome tones.

If you are currently browsing for tiles in Lancaster and are thinking about your colour scheme, then below we share some bold colour themes that we know you’ll love.

Bold in Blue

Blue has always been a popular colour option for the bathroom. A pale blue is calming, while dramatic at the same time when used to cover one wall. If you want to be less daring then use blue tiles for your border.

Modern colorful bathroom interior

Make a Splash With Purple

We often shy away from purple, but using this colour in your bathroom can instantly add a touch of brightness and shine, especially when you use metallic hues. Purple tiles work well with copper accessories and natural woods.

Torned Purple paper with white background

Vivid Greens

Greens work wonderfully well in a bathroom, especially when they are teamed with white. Use light and dark green shades in small mosaic tiles to create a feature wall, or alternatively use as a border, or to frame a mirror.

Bathtub - Green

Primary Colours

There is no rule that says you have to stick to one colour. If you love all things bright and beautiful, then splash your bathroom walls with colour. Opt for blocks of colour in primary shades, or create stripes of colour. This is when mosaic tiles really become useful, as they can be an assortment of all different colours.

Monochrome tiles

You don’t need bright colours to make a bold statement. Monochrome is just as effective. Use dark grey slate, stone, and dark metallic paired with pristine white tiles.

monochrome tiles for a bold statement

Brighten up with yellow

Who can resist the allure of yellow tones? Yellow will brighten up any space. Opt for bold yellow tiles in a large bathroom, and softer, paler yellows if space is limited. The introduction of yellow provides an instant boost to both mood and happiness levels.

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