Your bathroom is supposed to feel like your haven; a place where you can drift into your thoughts and away from the stresses and strains of your everyday life while you submerge yourself in a deeply cleansing bath.

One of the major influences on how you perceive your bathroom is the colour scheme that you use. Colour can say a lot about a room and what its function is, and – more importantly – the ambience of the space.

Deciding what colour your bathroom should be isn’t as difficult as many people think; it’s an important decision to make, so here are three things to consider when thinking about the colour scheme in your bathroom.

Find A Colour Already In Your Home

Coming up with an initial idea of what colour you would like your bathroom to encompass is often the first hurdle that many people come up against, when it is in fact one of the easier decisions to make.

If you are struggling to picture what colour would suit your relaxation space perfectly, take a look at the shades and hues that you have in other areas of your home. More often than not, you will be able to find a colour that features in every room of your home, which is a reliable starting point for your bathroom colour scheme.

Choosing a shade which already has a place in your home will help to tie your bathroom into the overall look of your home’s interior; just because rooms are separated by walls and doors, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t all collaborate to create a smooth, flowing theme throughout.

Decide What You Want Your Bathroom to Achieve

As we have mentioned above, the colour of a room can really affect the mood which the room portrays.

Although bathrooms tend to be seen as a sanctuary of relaxation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will want to have a bathroom which fits this feel. Colour can help you create the perfect environment; from bright and vibrant, to classic and peaceful.

Neutral  tones and hues are often used to create a sense of calm or peacefulness, with beiges, grey, greens and yellows being highly popular neutral shades which are muted but not understated.

If you’d like to bring a little more to the room in the way of visual interest, you can always add features which are coloured in contrasting shades, or even use patterns within the tiles or room furnishings to keep the eye interested in what the room has to offer.

For a brighter, bolder look, look into energizing colours such as bright oranges, electric blues and fiery reds.

Asian style bathroom interior
Brighter colours can often seem daunting to implement, mainly due to the huge attention that they bring to themselves. This can often make rooms feel overbearingly bright as opposed to intense and attractive.

To mute down these vivid colours, try pairing them with white furnishings, or even a white feature wall. You don’t even have to use colour within the tiles or room as a whole; smaller furnishings such as shower curtains or towels can act as a welcome injection of colour which won’t feel too bright or intrusive. This is perfect for those smaller, more intimate bathroom spaces.


Think About Your Lighting

Many people don’t understand just how much different lighting options can affect the colour of a room.

Even though you may think that you’re picking a wonderful colour for your bathroom, the wrong lighting option can dramatically change how a shade looks. This is why it is essential that you have some form of colour swatch to test whether your lighting will show the true colour, or will change when the light hits it.

In order to create a bathroom colour scheme which is both attractive and functional, it is important to take into account how your colour choices will affect the look and atmosphere of the space.

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