Even if you’re not deeply involved in the interior design world, you’ll probably already know how popular the vintage interior theme has become over the past few years.

Many people want to achieve this style in their own home, but are scared to commit to such a huge change, especially in a home which is designed in a very modern style – but they needn’t be.

There are many ways in which a vintage style can be integrated into even the most modern of homes – and we’re here to show you how!

Make Use of Wood- And Lots Of It

The vintage look relies heavily on natural materials, and wood is one of the most common features that you’ll notice.

Vintage living room

Whether it’s wooden flooring, furniture or even decorations, the presence of wood is what first draws the attention to the vintage feel of a room. Wood is long lasting, and trees are well known to live for hundreds of years – making it the perfect material to invoke a sense of nostalgia which is essentially what the vintage theme aims to achieve.

Try to keep away from more modern materials such as plaster or concrete and stick with the natural beauty of mud – that’s your basis of your vintage theme.

Don’t Strive for Perfection

The whole point of going vintage is to appreciate the past, and no matter who you are, you’re going to experience some form of aging as time goes by; materials are no different.

dirty old wooden chair isolated on white background

The more aged and worn an item or material is, the more vintage it will make a room feel. Distance yourself from those shiny, new items and opt for used or upcycled items instead. Whether it’s a dining set from the 50’s with shows of wear and tear through the years, or even old material upcycled into a pair of curtains, the more you can make use of furniture or features that already exist, the more vintage your interior will look.

Choose Muted Colours or Pastels

Just like many vintage photos or pieces of artwork, it’s best to avoid saturating your interior with bright, vivacious colours if you are looking to create a vintage vibe.

color pastel design selection for interior

Muted tones or pastels are the perfect palettes for vintage inspired interiors as they are much easier to pair up and blend in throughout the home. It also adds to the weathered, old feel to the home, as if the bright, vivid colours have faded over the years, but not enough to leave the interior looking boring or bland.

Don’t be afraid to try and recreate such an iconic style in your home; it is entirely possible if you have the know how! We’ve got a wide range of products that can help you create the perfect vintage interior for your home, so please feel free to get in touch with us today if you find yourself in need of our expert help.