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Here at Rockform we strive to provide you with the best range and quality of products. This is partnered with premier customer service, focused on your needs, which will make completing the style of your home as easy as possible.

We are exclusively partnered with producers from Italy and Spain, but also the premier brand Villeroy & Boch from Germany. This iconic company has been a leader in home decor innovation since 1748, combining the tradition that hundreds of years of expertise have garnered them with an expert twist on modern design. If you are searching for the perfect 21st century home with a flavour of history then the products that this company supplies are perfect for you. Here at Rockform we are proud to partner with this amazing company.


Our wide range of Italian tiles and solid wooden flooring cannot be matched.

Of course, flooring isn’t the be all and end all of your home. This is why we offer a range of handcrafted wallpaper and paint that captures the beauty of colour in every brushstroke. No matter how small your needs, every drop of paint is crafted with the utmost care to produce the best quality finish. This is the trademark of the Farrow & Ball brand, which we exclusively stock in order to supply a premier accompaniment for our other products. The combination of luxury flooring and decadent walling makes for an aesthetic in your home which is unmatched.

One of the other strengths of our team is the creation of wet rooms, with endless design ideas available to match your modern home. Luxurious Albert & Victoria baths are also available for those who wish to implement a more traditional style. Or you can install handmade glass basins imported from Austria to create the ultimate feeling of luxury.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our amazing team, as we will strive to help you find the products that fit the aesthetic of your home. If you can’t find what you want online, come down to our Preston showroom and see the quality products that we have on offer with your own eyes.