Flooring is perhaps one of the most expansive parts of your home that you need to decorate. As such, deciding whether or not you wish to have carpet or wood flooring is of paramount importance. After all, you want the most expansive and on show aspect of your home to look its best.

So, how do you choose between the two key choices when it comes to flooring in your home?


There are a few main differences to installing either wood or carpet flooring in your home. One of the main differences is the actual feel of the two different materials; one being hard and the other soft. The feel of the material comes down to personal preference, but it is also important to remember that carpeted rooms also tend to be warmer compared to hard wood floorings. So, you may consider carpet in bedroom areas and hardwood in more communal areas in terms of heating requirements.

Wood Flooring

Cleaning is also important to consider. Wooden flooring may feel easier to clean – with sweeping and mopping – against the more arduous hoovering that comes with carpeting. It may seem, ultimately, like a small difference but something to consider depending on your preferred cleaning habits.


Of course, it may be that the actual look of one type of flooring fits your overall house décor better. Neutral carpets or wood flooring can help tie rooms together that have entirely different aesthetics. Or a different colour carpet in each room gives you the option to really differentiate each individual space in your home.


A rug may be the happy compromise between the two. As you can have the convenience of wooden flooring, whilst also having the individualistic nature of carpet. Perhaps even more so as you can change your rug as regularly or infrequently as it pleases you.

Other Options?

In the modern day, other options are becoming increasingly popular for your flooring needs. Options such as laminate and tile flooring. There are some limitations to such an option, as laminate flooring can expand when wet which is not ideal for bathroom environments, for example.

However, many laminate options can go as far as mimicking more expensive wood and can be a great cost effective solution in the living room. Tiling is also perfect for the bathroom or even kitchen, as it is easy to clean and does not have issues with warping or expanding when wet (as with wood and laminate).

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