Taking inspiration from nature is a beautiful way to transform the feel of any room in your house or flat, and wooden flooring in a modern, or a rustic, home creates a real ‘wow’ factor. Here are six insights to inspire you if you’re thinking of wooden flooring for your living space:

1. Your New Floor Will Outlive Current Trends

Wooden floors are timeless, and our sustainable wood will last longer than this season’s ‘must-have’ paint colours, so select your flooring as an investment, not for short-term ‘fashion’.

Wooden Flooring

2. Choose Bold or Luxurious Rugs to Add Texture and Colour to Your Rooms

A well-chosen rug – whether traditional opulent Persian or bright and contemporary – looks stylish and personalises your living space.

3. Think about Where Wood Already Appears in Your Home

If you have wooden windowsills and/or unpainted interior doors then the type of wood, and how light or deep it is in colour, may influence your selection of wood flooring. Order some samples from us and enjoy browsing through the colour options in situ, where you would like your new floor to be.

4. Consider Other Natural Elements You Can Include in Your Room

Wooden floors look great alongside other ‘nature-inspired’ pieces. For example, you might wish to choose a sheepskin rug to complement your new wood flooring, or use natural tones of paint on the walls of your freshly transformed rooms.

Wooden Kitchen

5. Measure the Areas You Are Looking at Decorating Well in Advance

This will help you decide on the type of flooring to choose. Remember that wooden flooring really lends itself to flowing through from room to room, as well as working well in hallways and connecting corridors.

6. Arrange to Have Your Floor Installed Professionally

If your budget allows, then getting an expert on site is advisable. While DIY can be satisfying and fun, installing flooring is a specialist job and you will be able to either avoid, or overcome, any pitfalls that you encounter on your journey towards a beautiful wood floor.

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