Natural stone tiles are durable and timeless – they bring sophistication to any space, which is why they are popular for both business and residential buildings. There are numerous benefits to using natural stone tiles, one being that they retain heat well if you use the right method.

Stone flooring can become cold throughout winter, but there are many ways to keep your interior warm throughout this nearing cold season, and there are ways natural stone tiles can produce this warmth. Here are ways to warm up natural stone tiles for winter.

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Under-Floor Heating

Under-floor heating is the easiest way to get consistently warm floors in commercial or residential properties. Radiant heating technologies heat the floor material directly, meaning your natural stone floor will feel satisfyingly warm when touched. Stone materials are a great choice for this as they have a high thermal density, meaning they can radiate heat for longer after the heating element has been switched off.

As heat and hot air rises, a heated floor has the ability to keep a room warm throughout the day at a low cost. A heated floor means that the hottest air is introduced on the lowest part of the room, making it ideal to keep family members or workers warm throughout the coming winter.

The bathroom is an ideal area where under-floor heating should be considered. As heat is transferred so effectively, there’s nothing nicer than stepping out of the shower onto a warm floor in the winter.

Rugs and Mats

This idea may seem too simple and improbable to keep stone tiles warm but laying rugs or floor mats on areas where you find yourself spending the most time standing can make the whole building feel warmer at a lower temperature.

Here is an example of this; you have beautiful stone flooring in your kitchen area, and this can get chilly, particularly if you have air vents which create a draft. By laying a rug or mat by the sink, it provides an extra layer under your feet, keeping them more comfortable and much warmer.

Fire or Wood Burner

The living room area is one of the main rooms to keep warm throughout the colder seasons, as it’s where families tend to spend a lot of their time together. Natural stone tiles are exceedingly easy to heat up, and the heat from the fire is enough to heat up the tiles and keep them warm for a long time. More bonuses include that they are much safer for fires than carpets, and they’re even easier to clean!

There are many simple and easy ways to provide warmth and heating for your interior throughout the winter season. Here at Rockform, we are providers of natural stone tiles, including a variety of other flooring materials like porcelain tiles and wood flooring.

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