With many households today having multiple bathrooms, styling and designing each one separately can seem a truly daunting task. However, one way to save yourself time and money, not to mention headaches, is to simply use the same basic design in all of your bathrooms.  Coordinating the style and design of these spaces will also help to create a more unified, uncluttered and appealing home.

When it comes to customising your bathrooms, changing your tiling is often the cheapest and quickest way of creating a new aesthetic. Here are just a few ways you can use tiles in coordinating your bathrooms:

Simple And Nice Bathroom

Go Simple

Often, the easiest way to create a unified theme is to go simple with the big things, such as the tiles you use for your bathroom areas. This ensures that the style you’ve chosen for your bathroom space is just as easy to match in other areas, from accessories such as mirrors to fixtures and fittings. This could mean going minimalist or making a striking statement with a plain but bright colour.

Subway tiles are a modern solution to creating clean and simple bathroom designs, but the use of pale greys and even blacks with chrome accents are perfect for a minimalist aesthetic. No matter what the size of your bathroom areas, choosing something simple can maximise the space you have to work with and provide an easy to clean, high-end finish that everyone living in your home will love.

Choose Luxe

Want to make an impact with your bathroom design choices? Tiles don’t just have to be plain and simple, if that’s not your style. Stunning Italian porcelain tiles or even marble-effect designs can be utilised across bathrooms to create an ongoing feeling of luxury that can work anywhere in the home and provide your own little oasis away from daily life. If peace and quiet in luxurious surroundings is more your style for getting ready in the morning or unwinding after a long day, opting for a luxe style might be the best choice for you.

With larger bathrooms, a luxe style can be very effective in keeping a space from feeling too empty; they also provide extra texture to your interior design. Combined with Egyptian cotton towels, expensive-looking fixtures, these tiles will give your bathrooms an opulence that radiates throughout your home.

marble bathroom

Give Impact

If ultra-modern, on-trend interior design is more your thing, then pale colours, wood-style finishes, and organic lines might be the perfect way to coordinate your bathroom, offering serenity, style and an open feel. Panelling or tiling can help to create this effect easily, thanks to a variety of modern styles of tile available that can quickly transform a room into something cutting edge without the need to upgrade larger items such as the WC or basin.

Combine modern-finishing’s and texturised tiles with open space, glass and curved touches to create a theme that provides impact wherever you use it in your home. If your bathroom needs to reflect your personal style, using this tiling offers a more affordable way to transform your existing space.

Bathroom with walk in shower and white countertop basin

Coordinate Your Home with Tiles from Rockform

Regardless of your interior design preference, or the space you’re trying to adapt, if you are looking for the tiles to transform your bathrooms into an appealing, unified and coordinated space that matches your style, Rockform has the solution. With high-quality, exclusive tiles for walls and bathrooms sourced from Italy, Spain and Germany, we have something to match your vision.

When it comes to unifying your spaces, we can provide the knowledge and guidance you need to create an on-trend living space without sacrificing on space and style. For bathroom tiles in Lancaster, there’s no better company to turn to.

If you would like to find out more about our products and services, contact us by calling 01995 643455 or emailing info@rockform.co.uk and we will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can take a look at our full range of tiles at our store on Garstang Road, Preston.