Here at Rockform, we love a statement bathroom. There are endless possibilities when it comes to crafting that perfect design. Everything from natural stone settings, handmade tiles, fine Italian porcelain tiles and mosaics can be utilised for the floor and/or wall of any bathroom.

When it comes to designing a bathroom, your choice of tiles has a huge impact on the overall aesthetics. Colour choice, size, type of tile and tile placement all play a role in crafting the design of the bathroom and bringing your chosen style to life. If you want your bathroom to make a true design statement, then you will need to put a lot of thought into your chosen tile design. Here are just five things you can do with tiles to create that wow factor:

Feature Wall

A bold way to create an impact in the bathroom, the feature wall is a staple of interior design and can be utilised in other rooms, such as the kitchen or living room. A feature wall creates a striking look, and it doesn’t just have to be one block of colour. Wall tiles can be used to make a feature wall that is truly unique, whether it’s with dramatic, large dark tiles or small, intricately detailed ones. A feature wall draws the eye and creates a powerful impact in any room, but it’s especially present when created using wall tiles.

A Stunning Tile Feature Wall

Bespoke Artwork

Tiles don’t just have to form part of the interior design, they can be used to craft unique pieces of art for your bathroom. Consider embellishing the floor with brightly a coloured mosaic or intricately patterned ceramics, creating a piece of artwork on the floor that really makes a unique statement in your bathroom. In a similar fashion to the feature wall, tiles can also be utilised in spots on the wall to create stand-out pieces of art to really make an impact.

Tile Artwork

Stunning Border

For those who still want to create an impact but without going too loud and bold, consider a tile border for a minimalistic yet still impactful style. You can contrast the border against the rest of the tiles on the walls either with a change of colour or tone, pattern or with a change of texture. Using a border in this way can really draw the eye and help to create a look of unity.

Tile Border

Create Dimensions

Adding tiles with different textured designs can really help to create an interesting design, especially in contrast to all the smooth bathroom fixtures. Consider a porcelain tile with a matt finish, used on either the walls or the floor, to really catch the eye and give an interesting looking texture to the overall aesthetics of the bathroom.

A Textured Tile Wall

Bold Colour

For a true design statement, you can’t go wrong with bold colours. A lot of people shy away from bold colour choices when it comes to the bathroom, preferring neutral or pastel colours to blend in with their white bathroom fixtures, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to this trend. Bold colours, when used strategically – such as within a feature wall –, can create a truly stunning impact in a bathroom. Blues, greens, and even purples can be utilised to create a fascinating design to draw the eye and create a truly unique aesthetic.

A Bright, Bold Bathroom
Tiles can be used in so many creative ways to craft a bathroom that has a truly unique style. Create the bathroom you want with tiles from Rockform. You can visit our tile shop in Lancaster and see our inspirational displays as natural stone floor tiles for yourself and get advice from our wonderful team.