As March blooms, the feeling of Spring being right around the corner has really taken root throughout the country. That the breath of fresh air the season provides is almost upon us once again. With it, comes the classic idea of rejuvenation and the idea of ‘spring cleaning’. Something that goes alongside these same ideals is the art of redecorating.

With such a beautiful season for inspiration, it is rather obvious that you may wish to draw inspiration for the new colour palette of your home from the season.

So, what will be the best colours for you to invest and populate your home with this spring?

Denim Blue

Blue is always a popular colour, but every year it seems to take on a new shade in a cycle of constant evolution. In 2017, denim blue is the shade of choice as it offers a relaxed and soft aesthetic for your home this spring.


The perfect shade for you to enjoy the sound of trickling water, a colour which can bring you back to nature in the most relaxing way possible. Though often more associated with trousers, this is a colour that lends itself well to other fabrics and even paint without simply reminding you of jeans forevermore. As a feature wall, it could, for example, be reminiscent of a waterfall captured in your home.


Yes, this is a rather popular food trend at the moment. But they say that, often, life imitates art. This is a case of art imitating and drawing inspiration from life.


This dark green is a perfect Spring colour, as it reaches back to a connection with nature that many can feel is missing in their home. Pair it with some real-wood furniture or oaky undertones to create the perfect forest-feel.


Tipped to be a trendy colour, both inside and outside the home in 2017, metallic silver is an ode to the modern which will instil a sense of light into your home. It can be dark and muted in the night, but shine light upon it and become beautifully luminous. Whether it is a textured look – reminiscent of foil – or something more smooth to imitate modern art, silver provides vast options for your home.


If you have a desire to make your home into a modern masterpiece this spring, then a metallic silver is the colour to help those dreams become a reality.

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