The tiles you pick for a bathroom can have a huge impact on the overall effect and feel of your room. Not only do they create the colour and the pattern, but they can evoke a feeling as soon as you enter your bathroom.

Making the right choice with your tiles could be the difference between having a bland or beautiful bathroom, and one tile trend that has taken off in recent years is metro tiles. Creating a clean and sleek look, whilst at the same time referencing industrial trends, the metro tile has become a firm feature of both contemporary and traditional bathrooms.

Modern style interior design and white basin install on marble top table of a bathroom

What are Metro Tiles?

The tiles get their name from the subway stations in New York from which they originated. Sometimes known as subway tiles, they have their roots in the early days of the 20th century, and their versatility means they can be used to complement pretty much any style of bathroom. So, if you’ve been looking for bathroom tiles Preston that are going to create the perfect backdrop to your new suite, then metro tiles could be the answer. Effortlessly trendy and satisfyingly neat, their brick-like shape can give you a platform from which to base the rest of your design on.

Transforming Small Spaces

The fact metro tiles are uncluttered and unfussy means they are ideally suited to small bathrooms. If you’ve been struggling for ideas on how to create the illusion of space in your own small bathroom, you may want to use metro tiles to help you open up the space. Light, airy and with no patterns, wall to wall metro tiles are able to transform a claustrophobic bathroom into a room with a spacious feel.

Thinking Big

If space isn’t an issue for your bathroom, then they can still bring an element of style to the overall design. You could opt to use them sparingly by just tiling a single wall in one colour. Or if you’d like to create a focal point in your bathroom, you could consider two different metro tiles on the same wall. You could even choose to alternate the colours tile by tile and create a border around the middle of the walls, which would not only personalise your space but would also link your bathroom back to the early subway stations on which the metro tiles are based.

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