Having chosen tiles that reflect your personality, preferences and lifestyle, you may not want to simply discard any “leftovers”.

In fact, there are so many ways to get crafty with good quality wall tiles, you may even want to order some extras to add additional flair to your home or even your garden.

Creative tiles for your wall

Projects to Complement New Walls

One of the most popular ways to use tile remnants – to add the finishing touch to a room – is to create a table top that echoes the chosen design theme and colour. This can either be whole tiles laid across a wooden base, or even a mosaic of tile pieces inlaid, sealed and varnished.

The great thing about using any leftover tiles (or ones you purposely ordered) for table tops is that they are heat resistant and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

Simpler to achieve, and equally as appealing,  is a complementary tile mosaic glued to a wooden or plastic tray top.

You could also echo the tile pattern on your bathroom wall with a smaller version around a mirror edge. For a bolder look, use contrasting and vivid coloured tile pieces to create mirror and picture frames, or individual wall art.

Other ideas include creating cheese boards and mug coasters to match your lovely new kitchen tiles.

Ways to Use Tiles Outdoors

Creating a functional and aesthetically-pleasing living space outdoors is very popular in the UK these days. Homeowners are opting to “improve, not move” and one of the best ways to maximise enjoyment from your property is to build patios, decking or outdoor art projects.

Tile remnants from your beautiful new indoor décor can be handy for upcycling initiatives. This could include, adding protection and an attractive finish to the outer surface of planters. Or scatter fragments across the top of planters to create a splash of colour and individual style, while also suppressing weeds.

Wall tile remnants can also be used as mosaics or borders for small paths too. Alternatively, you could create wall art outdoors with a mixture of tile remnants and pieces of mirror.

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