Many people choose to mix things up with wallpaper and paint when revamping their living space. Creating a stylish focal point in the room with a feature wall is common practice, especially when alcoves can be incorporated into the design. Choosing the right mix can be tricky though, with so many wallpaper and paint options, it can be challenging to know which to marry together. As Fallow and Ball Stockists and with many years of experience providing wallpaper and paint in Lancaster & Preston, we know how to find the perfect partnership between paint and wallpaper for every room.  In our latest blog, we’re talking you through the process of how to find the ideal colour match for your feature wallpaper and paint.


living room with a modern wallpaper

Choosing A Neutral Colour To Complement Any Wallpaper

When thinking about paint colour and feature wallpaper in your space, you first need to consider the area you’re working with. Think about the size and position of the windows, how large the room is and how much use it gets.

If you have a small room that doesn’t get much natural light, adding a feature wallpaper with bright, bold colours can be too much and make the space look smaller and even darker. A more neutral colour palette may be your best option to allow the room to appear brighter. Neutral colours tend to work with many different wallpapers, too, so even if you go bold with the wallpaper design, you can allow that to be more of a focal point with a neutral palette elsewhere. Larger rooms that see a lot of use can offer a calmer environment when they feature neutral tones.


Matching To The Dominant Colour Within The Wallpaper

Of course, one of the reasons you are looking to match paint colours to a feature wall could be because you want to make a statement with your décor. Creating a bold room can be fun and inspire creativity. If you’re going for the wow factor with your space, going big and bold is one way to do it. We love that there are so many options from our Farrow and Ball Wallpaper and paint range, so it’s easy to find a match.

One approach to paint choice is to match a dominant colour in the wallpaper. For example, with a bold floral design, you could match the paint to the colour of the leaves. Should the more dominant colour be the background behind the design, your paint choice could also fit that.

Matching To The Accent Colour Within The Wallpaper

An alternative option is to bring out the accent colours of the wallpaper design. This works well when the accent isn’t quite as bright or bold as the dominant colour and can bring balance to your room. Again a floral pattern may be comprised of several different colours; choosing one that isn’t as dominant will allow you to match your paint and wallpaper without one colour being too dominating. By selecting an accent colour, you may also be able to pepper this throughout the furniture or accessories in the room, without the colour becoming too overbearing.


Choosing A Contrasting Colour To The Wallpaper

You could, of course, throw all caution to the wind and go for a shade that completely contrasts your wallpaper. If you don’t like playing by the rules, then don’t match the colours in the paper at all, but choose a colour that will complement them. Look at a colour wheel, then select a colour on the opposite end of the dominant colour in your wallpaper.

For example, blues and yellows contrast nicely, but green and blue don’t work well together. By having a bold colour in your wallpaper in one colour and using a light colour from a family on the opposite end of the colour wheel, you can get a complimentary match. When you choose your contrasting hue, you will want to ensure that it doesn’t remove the focus from the feature wallpaper. Feature walls are intended to be the focal point of a room. Choosing too much contrast from your painted walls could cause the focus to become lost in the design.

Discovering The Farrow and Ball Range at Rockform

One of the best ways to find the right match is to look at the range in person. At Rockform, we offer a fantastic range of Farrow and Ball paint and wallpaper to our Preston and Lancaster customers. Our showroom is within easy range of the A6, and you can browse the designs and colours to your heart’s content. Our expert team are on hand to help too. While in-store, you can also explore our bathroom showroom and find the perfect floor tiles in Lancaster & Preston to compliment your feature wallpaper and paint colours too.