While we may be biased, we believe tiles offer any home a functional and beautiful element. Their form can provide easy maintenance, allowing you to have a gleaming home with little cleaning required. Choosing a tiled wall will stand the test of time and offer a sleek and shiny appearance with the quick wipe of a sponge, unlike wallpaper which can be damaged or marked and will most likely need replacing after a few years.

The same applies to floor tiles; soft carpets may feel comfortable and cosy to walk on, but over time will start deteriorating and need re-fitting between 5-7 years even if you purchase a high-quality carpet, dissimilar tiled flooring, which can last for up to 50 years.

While they are a practical and long-lasting solution for your home, they also offer a charming statement to any room with their variation in colours and style. Take a look at the latest tile trends below; with careful design, you can personalise them to your favourable style, allowing the tiles to fit into your home’s aesthetic seamlessly.

Make Them Match

Matching your wall and floor tiles has become an increasingly popular décor choice, most commonly found in bathrooms. Using large profile tiles, you can make your bathroom units stand out, providing a spa-like aesthetic with natural stone tiles.

white modern bathroom

As suppliers of bathroom wall tiles in Lancaster and Preston, we have seen an increase in homeowners choosing these tiles for simplicity and elegance. Teamed with bright white fixtures and fittings, they can provide your room with tranquillity like no other. These tiles would also be perfect for kitchen and hallway floors due to their durability.

Tie in Your Colours with Patterns

Finding the right tile for your room can be challenging. Choosing a patterned tile can be overwhelming, with so many colours and styles to pick from. A favourable choice is to tie in the fixtures and fittings with the tile pattern’s colour.

This vintage style choice offers a contemporary twist on tradition. With these tiles, you can help bring out the beautiful colours and even add a pop of colour to contrast, providing stylish tones to your room.

Tiling With Texture

Just because you wish to tile a room doesn’t leave out the option of adding texture to either your walls or floors. This trend is popular and a slight nod to incorporating an aspect of nature into your room’s aesthetics. Paired with a plain tile, it could offer another way to add sophistication to your bathroom.

However, adding this kind of texture to your tiles would be better alongside more natural stone finishes such as limestone or natural porcelain finishes. Another feature to consider is the grout; finding a suitable grout will help bring the texture to life. When it comes to grout, it can help your tiles stand out or blend, which is why if you choose a darker tile you would like to showcase, finding a lighter grout such as white can really extenuate your style.

Countryside Style Kitchens

One of the most popular current trends is adding white tiled splashbacks to kitchen walls. This style is great for embracing the country-cottage feel to a room and, paired with natural wood worktops, makes a timeless addition to any kitchen.

If you happen to have a small or more modest-sized kitchen, this style will help reflect the natural light and make the room appear much bigger than it is. You could also add your own touch with a contrasting black grout to highlight the individual tiles, adding a sleek finish to your kitchen.

Modern Yet Traditional Flooring

Who says the walls have to be the feature of the room? Possibly our most favourable style is introducing a patterned floor tile to your interior décor. If you have the space to add some patterns to your floor, we highly recommend it. Whilst providing tiles, we are also Farrow and Ball stockists, so you can ensure you have the best shade of paint to match your beautiful tiled flooring.

This modern style encompassing a classic touch provides an exquisite technique to any bathroom or kitchen. In addition, making the floor a feature creates a statement piece in your home and could have the potential to add value if you’re looking to sell.

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