We might still be in spring, but summer is just around the corner! With the change of season, most people will want to refresh their interior design and explore new trends and ideas – here at Rockform, we’re no exception! We love to see new colours, patterns and inspirational aesthetics, so, take a look at some of our top bathroom trends for this summer:

Stone Tops and Walls

Stone surfaces and walls remain a popular option for bathrooms, especially for this summer! While you may think that stone is too impractical and requires regular upkeep in order to retain its attractive appearance, the truth is that most types of natural stone are durable, sturdy and will keep looking for a very long time.

bathroom with dark tiles

Patterned Floors

Not everyone believes their floor is just as important as the rest of the bathroom, but this is only a misconception. In reality, your floor is just as important as the rest of the bathroom, especially because it does change the overall appearance of the space. Make fantastic first impressions and enjoy a unique bathroom by adding textures or patterns to the floor this summer – or choose wood floors that will have one-of-a-kind natural patterns!

Open Shelving

If you’re one of those homeowners who prefer open shelving over closed, we have great news for you. Open shelves are trending this summer and will add a special aesthetic to your bathroom – in addition, you can easily see where you left your favourite creams, shampoos and shower gels! Having everything in the open enhances the look of the bathroom, so try it out this season.

Bright Colours

Summer is a season of warmth and brightness, and your bathroom should reflect that. If you’re looking to refurbish your bathroom this summer, why not invest in bright and colourful Farrow and Ball wallpaper or paint? They add elegance, beauty, class and warmth to any bathroom, so it’s no wonder many people are opting for this choice.

Personal Touches

We’re used to living rooms and bedrooms brimming with personality, although not many people give the same attention to their bathroom. This summer, discard the minimalist design and add decorative objects, as well as basins in Lancaster that reflect your personality.

Trends are constantly evolving, and the same goes for interior design. Refresh your bathroom’s look this summer and enjoy a brand-new space all year round, where you can relax after a stressful day at work!