Are you planning to rejuvenate your bathroom in the coming months? Is the same-old, same old feeling stale? Then you need to check out the rising styles of 2017 and how they can make your bathroom a relaxing and pleasant place to be. From modern to a more natural taste, whatever helps you to relax can be achieved this summer by following a few simple style tips.


If your home is awash with period fittings and furniture from a bygone era, then a bathroom to match such austerity is only fitting for many. Vintage is most definitely on-trend at the moment and so is a style that you will find many accompaniments for. Having a revival surge thanks to television programs such as Downton Abbey and ITV’s latest outing with Victoria, starring former Doctor Who assistant Jenna Coleman.

Typically, a heritage-inspired bathroom is home to a freestanding and claw-footed bathtub. But, you do not have to take it to that extreme in order to get the look that you desire. Adaptable, you can make the period fit the bathroom in many senses.

Whether you wish to recreate a Victorian or more Edwardian style space or a time-travelling mix of both, you can always add a modern touch for a truly unique space. Including a number of original pieces – a mirror or vanity stand, for example – is also another way you can make space stand out.

Light bathroom with two sinks


For many, a more natural look is the perfect path to serenity in their bathroom. There is nothing quite like the natural feel of stone and the trickle of water as it hits, it is a calming sound that makes many nature walks the perfect cure for a stressful life. Stone helps to add a certain warmth to a room and a character that has been developed over millennia.

This is a look that is achievable on a budget or not, as the faux stone is as attractive as the real thing in many cases. Stone-effect porcelain or ceramic tiles can be surprisingly deceiving when compared to granite or limestone. Whether you choose the real deal or not, the country style is a great accompaniment if you have a similar wood-focused style in the kitchen or other rooms in the home. The mix of wood and stone throughout your home creates a natural paradise for you to escape to.

Shimmer & Shine

On the other hand, you could choose a more modern and glamorous look for your bathroom space. Glossy finishes that reflect light throughout the room will create a bright space and a ‘jazzy’ look that is sure to impress. If you have a small space to work with, this is also a great way to make it feel bigger without actually extending it physically. Glossy tiles, mirror tiles and glass are hardy materials that are also perfect for damp-prone areas.

This is the perfect style for someone who wants to stay modern and keep to a decent budget. The materials of the shimmering style tend to be quite budget-friendly, so you can have a fantastic looking bathroom for less money. This leaves plenty of spare budget for a trendy light display, specifically LED’s, which can add to the lighting of the room.

At its heart, this is a minimalistic style and so you can avoid buying too many extra pieces that the style has no need for.

Freestanding bath in modern bathroom
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