What function does your bath have? In most homes, it’s a truly practical item. A place to shower before work, or unwind and bathe after a long day. It’s not, in short, a fashionable focal point; it’s a bland, white rectangle squeezed into the corner of the little room.

While some may believe that an elegant bathroom means choosing the right tiles, the right mirrors, even the right hand towels – and they’re certainly not wrong. But we believe that a bath is an important factor when ensuring that your interior design dreams are utterly perfect.


Most baths today are made from acrylics or fibreglass. For the true feel of luxury, however, you’ll no doubt wish to look further afield, after all, if you’re crafting your ideal interiors, why settle for anything less than perfect?

One of our absolute favourite brand of baths are those created by Victoria and Albert (the company, not the former monarch and her husband). These use a rather unique material – called QuarryCast, this is volcanic limestone, which is warm to the touch and incredibly stone. It also helps that when in situ, it’s delightfully stunning; a real conversation piece.

In keeping with much of what we offer, this is a natural material that looks elegant when coupled with other high-quality natural products, such as stone tiles. Taking this direction in your interior design schemes allow you to create a room that can as effortlessly be rustic as it can modern, making it ideal for every taste.

stone-image-2To achieve a rustic look, furnish the rest of the bathroom with fixtures, such as shelves and tables, made from reclaimed wood, and opt for stone tiles. The colours will work well with the smooth whites of the bath, while ensuring the focus remains on the bath itself. If you’re seeking a contemporary appearance, match your freestanding bath with feature floor tiles that will make a striking statement in bathrooms of any size.

Ultimately, a well-chosen bath can elevate the entire room, infusing your space with a focal point that not only determines the bathroom’s scope but also really ties the room together. Ready to create your dream designer bathroom? Get in contact with us online or call us on 01995 643 455, and discover true luxury.