If you have a small bathroom, you’ve probably looked into different ways as to how you can make the room look bigger. One of the most obvious yet overlooked ways you can do just that is through the tiles. Bathroom tiles can not only transform your bathroom’s aesthetics, but they can open up a cramped space with relatively little effort.

bathroom tiles in the shower

Lighter Colours

We sell plenty of bathroom tiles in Preston and Lancaster to customers who are looking to give the illusion of space in a small bathroom and our advice is generally to use lighter colours. It’s a well known rule that lighter colours help to make any room look larger, and there’s no reason why that shouldn’t apply to your bathroom as well. Simple bathroom tiles with a white or cream colour will help reflect the light you have coming into the space. It should be said however that you shouldn’t avoid darker colours completely. A darker tile, if it’s used in the right way, can help to add a sense of depth to your bathroom.


Another trick you could use in your small bathroom is laying out some of your tiles in a diagonal pattern. This simple trick can fool people into believing a space is bigger than it actually is. Arranging your tiles in a regular formation makes them easy to count, but if you choose to arrange them in a diagonal pattern, you’ll notice that your eyes are instantly drawn to the room’s longest dimensions. If you’re not that taken with a diagonal pattern, why not go for a brick approach? Metro tiles in particular suit the brick approach, and it can be extremely effective, especially if you want to give the illusion of height.

Tile Placement

The placement of all of your fixtures and fittings is obviously going to have an impact on the type of tiles you choose. If you don’t have much wall space between your sink and your toilet for instance, then small tiles will help to create a better overall flow than larger ones. Have a think about how many cuts you are likely to make with larger tiles, and how those cuts could interrupt the flow of your design and ruin the illusion of space.

Whatever the size of your bathroom, we’ll have the perfect tiles for it. Contact us today to discuss your needs.