If you wish to renovate your bathroom, then one important consideration is what type of flooring to choose. One practical, stylish and affordable option is to use porcelain floor tiles. Below we explain the many benefits of using porcelain tiles in your bathroom.

porcelain tiles in the home


Porcelain tiles are hardwearing and durable, and therefore work very well in the bathroom. Porcelain is stain-resistant and will very rarely scratch or mark, so is a good choice for family bathrooms. An added benefit is that it is also water resistant, so can be used in a wet room or shower room.

Low maintenance

We all lead busy lives, so one important consideration is how easy the floor will be to clean and keep in its original condition. Porcelain tiles are very low maintenance and very easy to clean. They only need to be vacuumed or swept as part of your regular cleaning routine, and a quick mop once a week will help them to look as good as new.


As porcelain is a solid surface and non-porous, it will not trap any unwanted allergens, so it is a hygienic floor choice. Porcelain will not allow mould or mildew to grow and will not easily harbour bacteria. For a deeper clean, you can also use a steam mop to reap the rewards of your hygienic floor choice.

You Can Express Yourself

The real beauty of using porcelain floor tiles in your bathroom is that you can let your imagination run wild. You can create patterns or opt for a more muted look. You can use large floor tiles to open up the space, and add a splash of much needed colour. Gain inspiration with these top tips for creating the wow factor with bathroom tiles.

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